Everything about against the grain dog food

When you buy your dog food, do you purchase the cheapest you can find, or do you look for the healthiest meal available? The best organic pet food is not always the cheapest one that is on sale.

You should not buy foods based on what is the cheapest. Generally, the cheapest meal is that is the least healthy. That picture on the bag can be very deceiving. Don't trust it. Unless the dog food is organic, it is not going to be high quality.

How to select the appropriate food for your dog -

• Choose the food based on your dog’s activity and breed: Working dogs will require more protein than other dogs. Some dogs naturally have a slower metabolism than others do, which mean they will need to be fed less. If you feed a dog a high-protein diet that does not need high protein, you will end up with a fat dog.

• Check out the ingredients on the bag: While the ingredient list is long, the most important ingredients are listed first. The first three ingredients are what you want to look at. This is what the dog food is primarily made of. You do not want to see any by-product. You do not want to see any animal by-product listed anywhere on this list. The first ingredient should be a meat product. You do not want to see rice or corn listed as the first ingredient as this is filler. Meat should be the first ingredient.

What you don't want in the dog food:

• Animal by-products -- When checking out a pet food company, make sure they do not use animal by-products. Animal by-products are the biodegradable waste parts of animals, which are not intended for human consumption.

• Herbicides -- Make sure that all the grains contain no herbicides. You do not need your pets eating grains that are covered in herbicides or pesticides.

• Preservatives -- That should be fresh. Get that fresh and feed it to your dog fresh.

• Hormones -- Your dog has enough hormones as it is. Why would you need to give your dog more through its meals? Keep the hormones out of the meal by giving your dog fresh and organic hormone-free.

High-quality organic dog food is easier to find than you think. All you need to do dog food is shop around. You may not be able to pick it up at your local grocery store but you can find it online. It is what is best for your dog.

When you're going about dog food comparisons, you shouldn't just be comparing dry food versus wet food. What is more important is that you make these dog food comparisons based on the labels on the food bags.

Going by the larger opinion, it is a well-known fact that dry dog food is considered inferior to wet dog food, because there is more moisture in wet food. Dry food is considered inadequate for canines because it is normally void of any natural moisture content. Therefore, when buying food for your dog, you should look at the label on the back or the side of the food bag and check whether there is a white label there or not.

You can make the best decision about food for your dog by learning more about the nutrition labels and carefully understanding and reading the finer points related to your pet's food.

When observing these labels on the food bags, you should try to ascertain whether the food contains quality ingredients or not, the quality of the meat source in the food, whether the ingredients are human-grade or not, and if the food bag can is dated properly to ensure its freshness.

Further, a large number of buyers do not pay heed to the percentage of corn content in the food and end up picking food that is highly undesirable for their dogs. You must ensure that you steer clear of all types of food that contain high content of corn in them, especially if your dog is a fussy eater.

When making dog food comparisons, you should be able to identify and distinguish the common ingredients which are considered low quality and not recommended for the dogs. Things to be taken into consideration are the grade of meat products used as ingredients, the percentage of corn content, and the number of food fragments in the food.

You'd be surprised to know that a large percentage of commercially available dog food in the market consists of chemicals and preservatives that are responsible for as many as 87% of overall dog deaths in the United States per year. You must learn the facts and truth behind dog food comparisons and ensure the safety of your pet.

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